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Robot Service & Upgrades

RENA’s Robot Refurbishment and Repair services extend the life of your robot, improving its performance and reliability.

Features and Benefits:

We provide services for the following Robots

  • RENA WPSS UP V2 Controller OEM Replacement
  • UP V2 SA2000
  • Akrion V3
  • Verteq SAWS & FAS

Comprehensive Refurbishment

  • Bring back reliability and performance into your robot that it once had. Rebuilds reduce the risk of future malfunctions, loss of production and downtime.
Service Includes
  • Preliminary Diagnosis and Inspection
  • Replacing internal hardware, as needed
  • Replacing Z-drive motor and encoder, worn or out of spec mechanical components
  • Replacing O-Rings and resurfacing damaged mounting plate, as needed
  • Replacing belts, as needed
  • 100-Hour Bench Test

Targeted Repair

Our Targeted Repair service allows us to repair specific, known faults that have occurred or that are reoccurring with your robot. During our initial inspection if we see areas that history has shown to be problematic we will document and notify the customer with any recommendations.

Service Includes:
  • Preliminary Diagnosis and Inspection
  • Specific Target Repair
  • 100-Hour Bench Test
  • Replacement Parts List
  • Test Results Summary

Accuracy & Repeatability are Critical!

Performance specifications such as accuracy and repeatability are critical to the safe handling of wafers and substrates. To be certain that the repair or refurbishment meets factory specifications we run extensive tests and simulated operational cycles through all motions to validate the robot and the controller.

UP V2 Robot Controller OEM Replacement

Is your UP V2 Robot Controller worn out, unreliable or unrepairable? We have the solution. As the OEM controllers are obsolete, our improved direct replacement Controller is the ideal solution. Our ALL-NEW direct-replacement UP Robot Controller is a more robust, reliable, and accurate solution than the OEM Controller ever was (with no IP circuit board). With improved drives, components, technologies, and communication protocols your new UP Robot Controller delivers the performance and accuracy for years to come that you require along with RENA’s award-winning support and service.

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