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Genesis Stand-Alone Marangoni Dryer

Wafer Drying Utilizing Advanced Hardware, Process Understanding & Software Execution

Wafer drying is completed while minimizing contact to production wafers. The Genesis utilizes a proprietary design to ensure the face of the wafer is not contacting the Teflon cassette during the dry cycle.

Features and Benefits:

Improve Yield, Reduce Particles RENA’s integrated Marangoni Dryer provides superior performance by utilizing:
  • Manually loaded cassettes or optional automated wafer handling with robot
  • Teflon cassettes
  • Substrates are free of watermarks after drying
  • Enables chemical cleaning before drying with no air interface
  • Will not damage sensitive photo resist layers during dry
  • Typical cycle times 7-20 minutes
  • Dries phobic or philic surfaces
  • Host compatible
  • Optional chemical injection
  • IPA usage 20ml per dry cycle
  • Wafer size solutions for 50mm – 200m
  • CE marked

Robust, Efficient, Clean & Cost Effective

Varying Dryer Designs Match Varying Needs

  • Integrated DI water filtration option
  • Optional IPA recirculation for more robust particle performance
  • Low cost of ownership

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