Wet Bench Processing Stations

RENA NA's Acid & Solvent Immersion Wet Benches are specialized process systems built with quality & safety in mind.

New & Remanufactured Spray Tools

RENA NA's Spray Solvent Tool & Spray Acid Tool Upgrades extend SST & SAT Tool life with improved process control.

Spin Rinse Dryers

RENA NA's Spin Rinse Dryers are designed to reduce operating costs & meet and/or exceed drying specifications.


Chemical Delivery

RENA NA's Chemical Delivery System's high-quality components safely, reliably & effectively deliver chemicals.

Single Wafer Processing

Clean, Etch, Strip & Dry - Enabling the Transition from R&D to Pilot Production.

Wafer Etching

Through superior Wet bench immersion systems designed to utilize integrated wafer rotation and precise micro bubble agitation. TruEtch® offers critical etching solutions for pattern metal etching. 

Wafer Metal Lift-Off

FluidJet provides metal removal with reliable performance, increased throughput, increased reclaim and a reduction in chemical usage.

Genesis Marangoni Dryers

Marangoni Drying

RENA NA's Wafer Drying utilizes advanced hardware, process understanding & software execution.

The Genesis Marangoni Dryer can be integrated into our immersion wet processing systems.

RENA Technologies North America Wet Process Equipment & Semiconductor Wet Bench Manufacturer

RENA Technologies North America of Albany, Oregon, formerly MEI Wet Processing, is a wet processing equipment and services company serving the Semiconductor, MEMs, Solar, and high technology industries. RENA NA's specialties include patented solutions for wet processing applications, including Metal Lift-off, Advanced Wafer Etching, Wafer Stripping, and Wafer Cleaning solutions. Exceptional process control is provided through RENA NA's proprietary IDX Flexware Process Control Software. RENA NA manufactures custom automated and semi-automated wet benches, wet process systems and automated chemical delivery systems. Providing award-winning service and support since 1990, RENA NA has a commitment to outstanding customer service and it's products. RENA NA has sales offices in the United States, Europe, China, Asia, and the Middle-East. Read More

IDX Flexware process control software logo

IDX Flexware - Advanced Process Control Software

RENA NA's proprietary IDX Flexware Process Control software provides complete control of all critical processes and conditions through closed-loop monitoring and feedback. IDX Flexware provides advanced capabilities, features, and options that are required for advanced process applications and solutions. IDX Flexware is extremely flexible and ideal for many different types of equipment where sophisticated user-interface capabilities are required. IDX Flexware is outstanding for both complex process control and productivity. Many different OEM equipment providers for the semiconductor wet processing utilize IDX Control Software on both their used and new semiconductor equipment. IDX Flexware is widely regarded as an outstanding platform for breathing new life into many of the industry's legacy wet processing systems. IDX Flexware is able to streamline complex applications and processes while providing unparalleled ease of use, all while improving uptime, acquiring reliable real-time data and outstanding process performance.


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