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Acid & Solvent Immersion Wet Bench Processing Stations Built With Safety in Mind
Compass Spin Rinse Dryers Reduce Operating Costs & Meet and Exceed Drying Specifications
Single Wafer Processing Tool Enabling Transition from R&D to Pilot Production
New & Remanufactured SST & SAT Tools with Improved Process Controls
Chemical Delivery & Distribution Systems for a Wide Range of Applications
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RENA Revolution Semi Auto Wet Bench Processing Station


RENA Spray Batch Tools

Batch Spray

RENA Compass Spin Rinse Dryers


RENA Inception Single Wafer Tool

Single Wafer

RENA Chemical Delivery Systems

Chem Delivery

RENA Wafer Processing Technology


Immersion Wet Benches

RENA’s Acid & Solvent Immersion Wet Benches are specialized process systems built with quality & safety in mind.

Our manual and fully automatic wet benches create the ideal conditions for your small- and large-scale production of semiconductor elements. Integrating wet chemical etching, cleaning, and drying processes facilitates front-end-of-line (FEOL) and back-end-of-line (BEOL) applications.

Batch Spray

Spray tools can be utilized for wide range of surface preparation processes, both in front-end-of-line (FEOL) and back-end-of-line (BEOL) applications to fabricate MEMS sensors and actuators, LEDs, power and RF ICs. To perform wet etching, critical cleaning, resist tripping and polymer removal with outstanding uniformity and yield, RENA offers both spray acid tools (SAT) and spray solvent tools (SST). 

RENA also offers to remanufacture and upgrade customers Semitools batch sprays to improve the process control and yield and to extend the tool life. 

Wafer Drying

Wafer drying removes remaining watermarks and rinsing off any residues from previous process steps. RENA offers a broad spectrum of integrated and standalone wafer drying stations. 

We supply customers with a family of COMPASS spin rinse dryers (SRDs), patented Genesis Marangoni dryer and VaporDry. Our drying platforms are designed to be cost efficient while meeting customers particle performance specifications. All platforms are assisted by the IDX Flexware process control software which facilitates advanced process control and monitoring. 

Single Wafer Processing

RENA offers the Inception, a compact semi-automated single wafer processing platform to be used in the manufacturing of semiconductor devices.

The inception enables semiconductor manufacturers to transit from R&D to pilot production & is an ideal choice not only for research and development purposes but also for small scale production with advanced residual removal and surface cleaning.

Chemical Delivery

RENA offers a variety of chemical supplying platforms providing long term reliability while requiring minimal maintenance. Chemicals are available on demand by utilizing bulk chemical delivery systems. This not only reduces production costs but also improves process efficiency and the yield by eliminating the manual chemical pour. 

All of our units have ergonomic design and simultaneously are space efficient at tight work spaces. All RENA’s chemical handling systems are suitable for multiple processes involving various types of chemicals such as acids, bases and solvents. They are also capable of recapturing used chemicals from the process area. 

RENA’s chemical delivery platforms provide good solutions not only for semiconductor manufacturing, but also for diverse industries such as food production, chemical production and pharmaceutical.


RENA’s proprietary IDX Flexware Advanced Process Control Software provides complete control of all critical processes and conditions through closed-loop monitoring and feedback. IDX Flexware provides advanced capabilities, features, and options that are required for advanced process applications and solutions.

IDX Flexware - Advanced ProcessControl Software

RENA’s proprietary IDX Flexware Process Control software provides complete control of all critical processes and conditions through closed-loop monitoring and feedback. IDX Flexware provides advanced capabilities, features, and options that are required for advanced process applications and solutions. Many different OEM equipment providers for the semiconductor wet processing utilize IDX Control Software on both their used and new semiconductor equipment. IDX Flexware is able to streamline complex applications and processes while providing unparalleled ease of use, all while improving uptime, acquiring reliable real-time data and outstanding process performance.

North America & Worldwide Locations

RENA provides service and support for all RENA equipment, and for most models of used, refurbished, and original semiconductor wet process equipment, wet benches and In addition to repairing operational failures, RENA has an array of field service capabilities designed to keep your wet process systems and wet benches in service and operating at high throughput levels.

Our capabilities range from full-service contracts with field service technicians at your site on a daily basis, to hourly or by-the-job fees charged on a case-by-case basis. You will find our technicians to be knowledgeable, professional, and responsive, usually able to be at your site and troubleshooting within 24 hours or less.

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