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Solutions for Critical Wet Processing Applications

RENA strives to be your partner in creating wet processing solutions. We have knowledgeable staff working on application-specific semiconductor processing solutions, including Metal Lift-Off, Etching, Cleaning, and Stripping. We are more than just Wet Benches.

Nitride Strip

Silicon nitride is a commonly used film in semiconductor manufacturing. Complete removal is necessary prior to further processing. Hot Phosphoric acid has good nitride: oxide selectivity. Maintaining a clean bath through filtering is critical for successful cleaning. Hot phosphoric nitride strip is performed at 180° C, done in a quartz bath. Temperature maintenance and etch rate are controlled by DI water spiking. RENA offers outstanding Process control through temperature and water concentration maintenance, via our proprietary IDX Automation software. RENA’s designed-in safety and reliability allow us to deliver you a nitride strip solution that meets your production process needs.

Resist Strip – High-Performance, Photo-resist Stripping

Resist Strip and Clean processes include removing photo-resist films or ashing residues after ion implantation and dry etch operations. These processes must completely remove patterned photo-resist films or ash residues while minimizing the loss of device materials.

Titanium & Oxide Strip

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