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RENA SiEtch Silicon Wafer Etch

SiEtch Silicon Etch Solutions

RENA's SiEtch, Silicon Etch Advanced KOH Solution

Features and Benefits:

  • Etch rate uniformity
  • Etch rate stability
  • Short bath life
  • DI water concentration
  • KOH (potassium hydroxide) concentration
  • Silicate buildup
  • Bleed and feed
  • Etch endpoint software control
  • Process time etch algorithm corrections
  • Hardware component life

Tank Design – Etch Rate Uniformity

  • Tank and Collar materials and design- Cost and Performance
  • Nitrogen Injection dispersion plates
  • Best Temperature Control
  • KOH ports w/ flow regulation

Concentration Controls

Etch rate stability, Endpoint control

  • Software-controlled KOH spiking algorithm used with the DI loss sensor to maintain KOH concentration
  • Feed and bleed chemical controls
  • KOH spike reservoirs
  • IDX software controlled by closed-loop feedback
  • In line KOH concentration sensor
  • Concentration control by closed-loop sensor feedback

DI Concentration Controls 

Etch rate stability

  • Accurate Concentration Control
  • Accurate Chemical & DI Spiking
  • Consumption/Evaporation Compensation
RENA SiEtch Wafer Silicon Etch

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