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Evolution Fully-Automated Wet BENCH

High-throughput, Dry-to-Dry Wet Processing Equipment

Evolution Wet Processing System is a fully-automated linear semiconductor wet bench. The modular design is highly configurable and able to accommodate any specified process sequence, in fact, multiple sequences.

The Evolution’s main feature is high yield while maintaining a low cost of operation. The fully-automated design features dry-to-dry processing with multiple, simultaneous lot batch processing. Running under IDX Flexware control, the Evolution is one of the most advanced wet processing systems in the industry. Unique, advanced features and capabilities, including Lot Scheduling via the “Scheduler”, FlexView (optional), Active Queue, multi-step processing, specialized process tanks, Ultrasonic and Megasonic tanks, cascade or quick dump rinsing, chemical injection and spiking, multiple drying options to include RENA NA’s Genesis X Marangoni drying, and a robust, reliable transfer robot. As with all RENA systems, SECS/GEM compliant factory host capabilities are available. The Evolution is custom-tailored to meet your specific process requirements.

It’s time to evolve with RENA’s Full-Auto Wet Processing System, The Evolution.

Features and Benefits:

  • Full Auto, Dry-to-Dry
  • 100mm – 200mm Wafers
  • 25, 50, and 100 wafer lots
  • Simultaneous Lots & Recipes
  • IDX Flexware Control Software
  • Advanced Process Monitoring
  • Active Queue
  • System Scheduler
  • Integrated HMI Touchscreen
  • Class 1 mini-environment
  • Low MTTR


  • Mean Time Between Failures >1500 hrs.
  • Increased Uptime & Throughput
  • Extended Chemistry & Tank Life
  • IDX Scheduler Maximizes System Throughput
  • Lower Facility Costs
  • Reduced Chemical & DI Water Usage
  • Reduced Setup Time
  • OEM Parts Availability
  • Award-winning Service & Support
  • Maintenance-friendly

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