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RENA Spray Acid Tool

Spray Acid Tool

Features and Benefits:

  • Manual Load
  • Single and Dual Process Chambers
  • Compacted Footprint
  • Three cabinet Sizes
  • 24 in, 76 in and 92 inches wide
  • 25 wafer load 50mm to 200mm low pro
  • Typical Throughputs: Single Chamber 75-100 wph, Dual Chamber 150-200 wph
  • Enclosed controlled environment
  • Dry to Dry operation
  • 25 wafer chamber
  • 2 and 4 tank configurations
  • On board chemical mixing with metering pumps and level sensors
  • 23 liter tank with full level set at 16 Liters
  • On-axis horizontal wet-processing design keeps wafers parallel to the flow


  • Uniform boundary layer coverage across load
  • Options: End Point Detection and Chemical Concertration Monitoring 
  • Increased Bath Life
  • Software programmed time based over-etch allows for consistent run to run processing
  • EPD overcomes the challenges of visually inspecting the wafer surface during process as the metal etch occurs.
  • Optimized Process
  • Recipe step advance is determined by when the etch is complete, not by a pre-set amount of time resulting in consistent processing.
  • Higher throughput results from faster etch process steps.
  • Clamshell Carriers used to see front wafer to detect when etch is complete

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