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IDX Flexware System Upgrade

Extend the Life of your Wet Process Systems, SRD & Chemical Delivery Systems

RENA offers multiple upgrades and refurbishment packages for a wide variety of systems for the semiconductor industry to include fully automated wet processing systems.

With our used semiconductor equipment refurbishing, RENA can extend the usable life of your wet processing equipment, from wet benches and spin rinse dryers, to processes and plumbing. Our IDX Flexware Process Control upgrade introduces features that not only make your system more intuitive to operate but it allows for complete process control, monitoring, data logging, and access control.

Features and Benefits:

  • Replaces old, non-graphical display with the new color touchscreen
  • Replaces proprietary I/O control architecture with new IDX control system
  • Upgrade replaces obsolete, proprietary control systemImproves productivity, configurability, and flexibility
  • Readily available, “off-the-shelf” parts
  • Easily adapts to future process changes and configurations
  • The control system upgrade can be installed onsite
  • Field-proven stability and award-winning support


  • RENA’s award-winning service & support
  • Real-time I/O Monitoring
  • SECS/GEM Compliant Host
  • Intuitive Recipe Editor
  • Error Logging
  • Closed-loop Processing
  • Unlimited User Passwords and Permission Levels
  • Barcode and Lot ID compatible
  • USB Archiving (optional)
  • Flexview Data Analysis Tool (optional)

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