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RENA Spray Solvent Tool

Spray Solvent Tool

Compass SST uses the same new electronics and plumbing components we have used for last 5 years in our remanufactured SST’s

Features and Benefits:

  • New Auto door Design
  • New Cabinet Design
  • 10 Nozzle chamber
  • Characterized spray manifolds for uniform coverage
  • Externally heated tanks
  • Tool in the lab for process demonstration
  • Low DI water usage
  • Low exhaust requirements (125 scfm at 1″ water)
  • Low chemical usage in reclaim mode
  • Lowest Cost Spray Solvent Tool on the Market
  • 2,4,6 and 8 Tank Options
  • 23 Liter Tanks with Full Sensor Set at 18 liters
  • Fresh and Reclaim Chemical Tanks


  • Closed System for Containing Chemical Vapors
  • Chemical Recirculation and Reclaim
  • Precision Designed and Balanced Rotors
  • Reliable, Low Maintenance Design
  • Spray Solvent Tools have been the
    Industry Standard for Photo Resist Stripping for Three Decades
  • Unmatched Dependability and Ease of
  • Guaranteed uptime of 95%
  • MTBF >400 Hours
  • MTTR< 4 Hours
  • Options: Chemical Concentration
    Monitoring , Chemical Delivery – Bottle fill from CDU, Manual Funnel Fill,
    Waste Carboys 

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