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TruEtch is the perfect solution for InGaP Etch, GaAs Etch, and InGaAs Etch Solutions

RENA strives to be your partner in creating wet processing solutions. We have knowledgeable staff working on application-specific semiconductor processing solutions, including Metal Liftoff, Semiconductor Etch, Resist strip, Advanced Wet Etch, Gold Etch, and more. We are more than just Wet Benches. Contact us today for more information on your next Wet Processing solution.

Advanced Wet Etch with TruEtch

  • Gold Etch
  • Aluminum Etch
  • Copper Etch
  • Buffered Oxide Etch
  • Surface Oxide Etch
  • InGaP Etch GaAs Etch Process
  • Polysilicon Etch
  • Pirahna Etch
  • Mesa EtchIsotropic Etch
  • Anisotropic Etch
TruEtch Wafer Metal Etching Solution

Piranha Etch

Specializing in SPM Clean – Piranha Etch or Piranha Clean

Piranha etch is used to clean photoresist and other hard-to-remove organic residues from silicon wafers. For wafer cleaning, Piranha etch, is a mixture of sulfuric acid (H2SO4) and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) Removal of gross organic materials from Si wafers, such as hardened photoresist polymer patterns after ion implantation, and other visible contaminants of organic nature, can be accomplished by using mixtures of H2SO4(98 wt%) and H2O2 (30 wt%). Volume ratios of 2:1-4:1 are used at a temperature of 100-130C. Organics are destroyed and eliminated by wet-chemical oxidation, but inorganic contamination, such as metals, are not absorbed. Many different mixture ratios are commonly used for Si wafer cleaning. A typical mixture is 3:1 concentrated sulfuric acid to 30% hydrogen peroxide solution; other protocols may use a 4:1 or even 7:1 mixture. RENA’s Piranha solution offers exceptional process control with our proprietary IDX Flexware Process Control software, and complete wafer drying post clean, with our Genesis Marangoni drying system.

Gold Etch – Au Patterned Etch & Aluminum Etch

Offering improved Gold Etch Uniformity

In Semiconductor and MEMs manufacturing, Gold Etch generally uses iodine-iodide, basic ferricyanide, aqua regia, or potassium cyanide. Each formulation displays its own strength and weaknesses and they all vary in speed, selectivity, stability, and safety. The iodine-iodide etch-ants are often regarded as a safe method of etching gold in terms of stability, toxicity, and overall handling. PVD Au Etch uniformity with Spray tools is terrible. Wafer centers have higher etch rates than edges, and incoming wafer roughness is amplified. The main general problem is that the wafers are spaced wide apart minimizing the uniformity problem, resulting in low throughput and inefficient chemical use. RENA has the solution for Plated Gold Etch (Plated Au Etch)

Lower Cost, High-Performance Au Etch

Radically improved WIW Etch Uniformity vs Single-wafer Spray solutions

Using a proprietary patterned interface through a superior immersion wet processing system designed with integrated wafer rotation and precise micro bubble agitation results in a superior wetting process with increased uniformity of the layer patterns RENA’s custom Gold Etch solution is offered in its production-ready, high-performance Revolution Wet Processing system. A multi-step, semi-automatic wet bench with custom-tailored processes and features. To include modeled flow mapping, integrated N2 agitation, proprietary re-circulation, and RENA’s unique wafer rotation process that solves many uniformity issues found in other systems.

Consistent Etch Performance Features

  • Stable Concentration Control and Monitoring
  • High-Resolution Chemical DI Injection
  • Consistent, Change out to Change out,
  • No Residue Left Behind
  • Improved Consistent Etch Rates
  • Stabilized Flow Rates
  • Etch Rate Uniformity (150mm)
  • No Contamination
  • Improved Etch Stability


  • DI Water Flow Controllers prevent variances to facility pressure fluctuations during chemical spiking
  • Independent Water Loss Sensing allows IDX to monitor and respond to low volume levels providing the best etch rate stability possible
  • Higher Up-time > 95%
  • Reduced scrap
  • Precise, reliable wafer transfer
  • Programmable Chemical Spiking Control
  • Lengthened Tank Life, Increased Up-time, Lower Cost

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