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MultiChem Chemical Delivery

Local Carboy Chemical Delivery

RENA’s MultiChem Local Carboy Chemical Delivery System provides chemical delivery capabilities for processes with lower demands while providing recapture (reclaim) capabilities via the use of five-gallon chemical carboys.

Only the highest quality plumbing components are used throughout RENA chemical delivery systems. All metal components are either chemical resistant, epoxy powder coated, or anodized for longevity. All electronic compartments are isolated and nitrogen purged. Carboy level detection utilizes highly accurate load cells for reliable liquid levels. The MultiChem is a field-proven, reliable system that you can count on. With the use of the ChemControl Cell controller, RENA chemical delivery systems can scale as your process demands increase.

Features and Benefits:

  • 2 – 6 Bays for Chemical Containers Available
  • Chemical Containers can range from 1-Gallon bottles to 5-Gallon Carboys
  • Visual & Audible Alarms
  • Carboy Request/Empty Alarms
  • IDX Flexware Control Software
  • Intuitive Touchscreen Interface
  • Exhaust Monitoring
  • Isolated, N2 Purged Electronics Compartment
  • Liquid-Level Detection
  • Minimal Footprint
  • Cabinet provides spill containment
  • No spill quick disconnects
  • Network Monitoring


  • Control individual I/O valving and solenoids
  • Easily Access to all Internal Components
  • Easy Access to all Pumps and Valves
  • Custom-tailored to your process needs
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Seamless Integration with Wet Process System
  • Field-proven design and safety features
  • Highest-quality plumbing components
  • Chemical-resistant Metal Components

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