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Metal Lift-Off with ISODry™

ISODry™ Technology:

Features and Benefits:

  • Lowers cost for integrated dry
  • Maintains POR for users with Single wafer IPA drying
  • Wafer lifter ensures minimal contact area
  • Integrated hot N2 produced by heat exchanger for lower energy cost
  • Continuous IPA Recirculation
  • Reduced IPA usage compared to other typical Vapor or vacuum dryers
  • Lower Exhaust Requirements


  • IPA use per wafer is similar to other Marangoni dryers
  • Advanced software control capabilities with IDX Flexware
  • Particle performance < 20 at 150 nm
  • With 0.05 Teflon In-Line filtration
  • Averaging 15 @ 150 nm
  • Cleanroom air quality dependent
  • Process Time 7-10 Min (cassette dependent

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