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Batch Spray Remanufacturing & Upgrades

Extend the life of your SST Tools with improved process control

Features and Benefits:

  • Improve yield, reduce scrap
  • Implement superior process control
  • Increase system uptime
  • Improve reliability
  • Enable new processes
  • Easier maintenance
  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • Enables roadmap for a “continuous improvement” process for your product
  • Enable greater configurability with Advanced Process Control System
  • State of the art software and control

Batch Spray Upgrade Packages

Our Batch Spray Standard and Premium Upgrade packages include many advanced features that are only made possible through our proprietary IDX Flexware Process Control software. The option to choose individual upgrades is available. The IDX Process Control upgrade is a prerequisite for all upgrades related to process control, flow control and/or system monitoring. Available documentation for each upgrade will declare whether IDX Flexware is a prerequisite or not.

Standard Upgrade Package

  • IDX Flexware and Control System Upgrade. This replaces all Semitool* electrical control components
  • Valve Manifold upgrade replaces all Semitool* valves with more readily available actuators
  • Analog Flow Meter upgrade
  • New PFA Filter Housings
  • Plumbing replaced with new PFA tubing
  • Tanks and chambers rebuilt and electro-polished
  • Replace O-rings and Seals
  • Rebuild pumps (new pumps optional)
  • New Fire Suppression System
  • Rotor balanced and electro-polished (SST only)
  • Clean, decontaminate frame and replace panels if needed

Premium Upgrade Package

The Premium upgrade includes the complete Standard Upgrade package, PLUS…

  • NEW! Digital exhaust sensor
  • NEW! Fiber capacitive level sensor upgrade*
  • NEW! MEI motor and motor control system upgrade*
  • NEW! Auto drains
  • NEW! MEI door design (auto and manual

Individual Upgrades

IDX Flexware, HMI and I/O Controller Upgrade (For 202/302 Controllers)

  • Replaces outdated proprietary I/O Controller and GUI with a highly robust PLC and the reliable IDX Flexware Process Control Software
  • Replaces OEM display with a new and more intuitive touchscreen
  • Robust, production-ready Advantech Windows-based PC

Tank Additions & External Heated Tank Upgrade

  • Requires IDX Controller upgrade
  • Allows for an additional chemical to the process depending on cabinet capacity
  • Heated Tank upgrade allows the tool to run new chemistry

Inline Heater Upgrade

  • Requires IDX Controller upgrade
  • Improved Temperature control
  • Easy to maintain with non-proprietary components

Drain Block Upgrade

  • Replaces expensive Semitool drain block with an efficient MEI design

Analog Flow Meter Upgrade

  • Requires IDX Flexware Upgrade
  • With IDX Flexware, analog monitoring provides better accuracy
  • Improved flow control
  • Flow monitoring helps avoid scrapped events
  • Component offers a visible display
  • Batch SprayUpgrade
  • SST/ SAT Batch Spray Individual Upgrade

Valve Manifold Upgrades

  • Replaces expensive Semitool Actuators with more available quality valves

Pneumatic Pump Upgrade

  • Improved Dynamic Flow Control and the elimination of spray pulsation
  • Closed-Loop Flow Control
  • Linear Flow Control
  • Levitronix upgrades are also available

Chamber Upgrade

  • Size conversions from 150mm chamber to 200mm chamber

Motor & Motor Control System

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  • Requires IDX Flexware Upgrade
  • Designed to reduce vibration

Negative Pressure Seal

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  • Designed to reduce N2 Consumption

Auto Door Upgrade

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  • Requires IDX Flexware Upgrade

Fiber Optic Level Capacitive Level Sensor Upgrade

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  • Requires IDX Flexware Upgrade

Temperature and Pressure Monitoring

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  • Requires IDX Flexware Upgrade

IDX Flexware Process Control Software

  • Improved yield with complete process monitoring
  • Improved host communication
  • Improve performance/troubleshooting with data-logging
  • Real-time monitoring with analog sensors
  • Improve temperature and flow accuracy through monitoring

Open Your Spare Part Options

  • Off the shelf, reduced cost
  • Shorten lead times

Partner in Batch Spray Improvements

  • Roadmap to future upgrades
  • Customer-driven continuous Improvement
  • Cost-effective

Reduce Maintenance Costs, Improve Uptime

  • Semitool Rotor repair, replacement, balancing
  • Improved Performance

Rotor Service

Replacement, Re-balancing
  • New builds, new design
  • Balancing, electropolished stainless steel rotors
  • Balance Teflon® rotors
  • Design custom carriers

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