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On-Site Service & Support

RENA provides service and support for both upgraded and OEM wet processing equipment. RENA provides service and support for all RENA equipment and for most models of used, refurbished, and original semiconductor wet processing equipment, wet benches, and chemical delivery systems.

RENA provides reliable solutions for those with critical application requirements. RENA’s field-proven, high-performance wet benches are custom-tailored, designed, and qualified, meeting all critical process system requirements and specifications. RENA systems provide high-throughput while maintaining a low cost of ownership. RENA’s flagship full-auto Evolution system, the Revolution Multi-step, and the Advancer single-step semi-auto wet bench systems deliver superior performance with many unique features that are only available through RENA’s proprietary IDX Flexware Control software. All RENA NA platforms feature IDX Flexware Process Control software. IDX Flexware provides an advanced system and process control, monitoring, and data acquisition of your entire process. Located in the great northwest, RENA Wet Processing Systems and Services provides advanced wet processing solutions and equipment for many hi-tech industries including Semiconductor, Solar, MEMS, LED, Medical, and Chemical Delivery.

Award Winning Service & Support

  • RENA provides world-class, award-winning service. RENA has been awarded “Supplier of the Year” by its customers

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