Genesis Marangoni Dryer

RENA's Genesis Marangoni Dryer integrates drying with cleaning and rinsing, providing a one-step process for applications including the fabrication and cleaning of ICs, solar cells, fuel cells, and MEMSThe entire process is monitored and controlled by RENA's proprietary IDX Process Control software.

RENA Genesis Marangoni Dryer


RENA Genesis Marangoni Dryer Processing
  • Enables Dry In - Dry Out Processing
  • Simplified Marangoni dryer design
  • Teflon cassettes @ > 200nm w/5mm EE
  • Static wafer lifter
  • Hydrophobic or Philic surfaces
  • Particle performance
  • Uses Teflon cassettes
  • Ideal for drying thin wafers
  • Typical 7-20 min cycle time
  • Will not damage photoresist

Available in the Revolution & Advancer Wet Bench

Intuitive Integration

RENA RENA Genesis Marangoni Dryer
  • Active lifter for independent wafer
  • Low mass carrier drying @ 30nm w/3mm EE
  • Slow pull wafer lifter
  • Wafers dried independently of the carrier
  • Phobic or Philic surfaces
  • Particle performance
  • Uses low mass wafer carrier
  • Optional IPA recirculation & filtration to 15nm
  • Typical 10 min cycle time
  • Will not damage photoresist
  • Produces oxide-free H terminated surface with no air interface
  • HF injection is best used for complete oxide strip applications
  • Combination HF, HCl, and DIO3 rinse provides high-quality surfaces
  • Cycle times are application dependent
  • O3, HF, or HCl Injection for Critical Clean Applications
Available in RENA NA's Flagship Wet Bench, the Evolution


RENA Genesis Marangoni Dryer IDX Software

IDX Flexware
Advanced Process Control

RENA's proprietary IDX Flexware Process Control software provides complete control of all critical processes and conditions through closed-loop monitoring and feedback. IDX Flexware provides advanced capabilities, features, and options that are required for advanced process applications and solutions.


FlexView Advanced Process Monitoring

Flexview software enables equipment and process engineers to review the processing conditions of a specific lot ID at a glance. FlexView software does this by providing a graphic representation of all existing monitored conditions & tolerances, then storing that data in a file that is specific to the Lot ID that was being processed at that time. In the event of a yield loss on a particular lot, the process engineer can quickly identify if the wet station processed that lot within the required specifications. In this way, the system can be much more easily eliminated as a possible cause of the yield loss even. FlexView eliminates the need to interpret large amounts of data in the data log. This creates the opportunity for greater system optimization and process transparency while improving the overall operator experience.



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