Spin Rinse Dryers

Semiconductor batch processing wafer drying

RENA Compass Spin Rinse Dryers (SRD) provide state-of-the-art cleaning, rinsing, and drying of wafers after wet processing, for chemical or residue removal for high and low-profile cassettes. Compass SRDs are designed to reduce operating costs while meeting and exceeding cleanliness, dryness, and particle performance specifications. Utilizing DI water rinse followed by N2 drying, the Compass SRD's non-contact heating results in cleaner N2 because a filter is positioned after the heater to eliminate direct contact between the N2 and heater.

SPIN. RINSE. DRY.  With  Confidence.

IDX Flexware provides advanced process control features, that can only be found on RENA's Compass SRD. With greater reliability, performance, and low operating costs coupled with RENA's award-winning support, the Compass Spin Rinse Dryer is the wafer drying solution you can trust.

Powder Coated Benchtop Spin Rinse Dryer (SRD) Powder Coated Stand-Alone Spin Rinse Dryer (SRD) Powder Coated Dual Stand-Alone Spin Rinse Dryer (SRD)

Compass Benchtop
Spin Rinse Dryer

Compass Stand-Alone
Spin Rinse Dryer

Compass Dual Stand-Alone
Spin Rinse Dryer

RENA Spin Rinse Dryer (SRD) for High and Low Profile Cassettes

Low Particle Performance- Clean Dry Wafers

Superior Vibration and Static Control

Vibration is controlled with tunable vibration dampening

Performance and Process Control with IDX Flexware

Advanced control with IDX Flexware software

High & Low Profile Cassettes


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