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RENA Inception Single Wafer Tool

Inception Single Wafer Processing Tool

Clean, Etch, Strip & Dry - Enabling the Transition from R&D to Pilot Production

Features and Benefits:

  • Provides process consistency to develop your POR
  • FEoL (Acid) & BEoL (Solvent) processing applications
  • Automated Wafer Handling (Manual Load Optional)
  • Wafers up to 200mm and masks up to 7 x 7
  • Dual moving spray arms with separate chem lines
  • Stationary bottom spray nozzles for DI and N2Etch uniformity exceeds batch systems
  • Stationary bottom spray nozzles for DI and N2
  • Standard dual tank design provides multi-step processing
  • 4-tank optional
  • Manual or automated wafer handling
  • Single or dual load ports
  • Low utility consumption
  • Small Footprint Dimensions – 36″w x 83″h x 76″l
  • Highly flexible software enables rapid process development

No Contamination

  • Particle neutralIonic contamination less than < 1E10

Etch Stability Concentration Control

  • Hyper accurate concentration controls (ABB, Horiba, CI Semi)
  • Hyper accurate spiking capability (Chemical & DI)
  • Automatic compensation for losses due to consumption and evaporation

Superior Etch Uniformity

  • 75mm–200mm EPI Materials
  • Wafer to wafer < = 1%
  • Within wafer < = 1%
  • Lot to lot < = 1%

Superior Process Control

  • Data logging by Lot ID
  • Flexview APC monitoring
  • SECS/GEM compliant host
  • Unlimited user/permission levels
  • Easy-to-use, touch-screen interface
  • Error logging and data graphing
  • Unlimited recipes, speeds, chem control
  • Barcode reader compatibility
  • Remote access compatible

Proven Reliability

  • MTBF > 1500 hr (Semi E10-94)
  • Avg MTTR < 1 hrHigher uptime > 97%
  • Reduced scrap


  • Analog sensing enables software to control: In-tank blending
  • Precision ratio creation
  • Precision DI water inject
  • Tight temperature control
  • Closed loop recirculation flow
  • Hyper accurate chemical spiking controls

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