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RENA Compass SRD

Benchtop Spin Rinse Dryer

Compass Benchtop SRD for batch processing wafer drying

RENA’s Compass Benchtop Spin Rinse Dryer (SRD) offers the most advanced features found in today’s SRD. For high and low-profile cassettes, the Compass SRD provides state-of-the-art cleaning, rinsing, and drying of wafers after wet processing, for chemical or residue removal for high and low-profile cassettes. Compass SRDs are designed to reduce operating costs while meeting and exceeding cleanliness, dryness, and particle performance specifications. Utilizing DI water rinse followed by N2 drying, the Compass SRD’s non-contact heating results in cleaner N2 because a filter is positioned after the heater to eliminate direct contact between the N2 and heater.

IDX Flexware provides advanced process control features, these features can only be found on the Compass SRD from RENA. With greater reliability, performance, and low operating costs coupled with RENA’s award-winning support, the Compass Spin Rinse Dryer is the drying solution you can trust.

Features and Benefits:

  • Multiple Wafer Sizes
  • 50mm to 200mm*
  • Low and High Profile Cassettes
  • Rotor Type QD, 4 bolt (1 rotor per chamber)
  • 10 Nozzle DI Spray Manifold
  • Programmable Set Points for N2 heater
  • Programmable Set Points for Temperature monitoring
  • St. Gobain Pneumatic Valve Manifolds
  • No Dead Leg on the DI Line
  • Brushless DC Motor with Hi-res Encoder
  • Monitoring RPM and Position Control
  • RPM Operating Range: 0-2800 RPM depending on wafer size
  • Tunable Vibration Dampening
  • Advanced Process Control with IDX Flexware Software
  • 10.4″ Color Touch-screen User Interface
  • Host Communications
  • Factory AutomationData Logging
  • Insitu Anti-Stat Management
  • Optional Resistivity Monitoring with Set Points
  • Improved Performance
  • Advanced Process Control & Monitoring
  • Significant N2 Savings
  • Improved Particle Performance
  • Built with trusted, off-the-shelf components
  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface excluding proprietary components

Superior Static Control

  • Insitu Static management
  • Dissipate residual static charge while inserting or removing the cassette

Vibration Dampening Tunable Technology

  • Brushless DC motor with Hi-res encoder for monitoring RPM & Rotor position
  • Engineered rotors
  • Selected vibration dampeners
  • Proprietary process variables

*Wafers above 200mm can be run utilizing clamshell carriers.

Low Cost of Ownership

The cost of the annual amount of N2 saved by using the compass SRD is 3.2 million liters of N2 per chamber compared to the other competitor’s SRD. Average Annual savings is about $2,000 per chamber depending on your price per liter of N2 gas.
  • Designed to reduce facilities costs in all areas
  • Reduction in N2 usage
  • Reduction of DI water usage
  • Reduction in process cycle times, increased throughput
RENA Compass Benchtop Spin Rinse Dryer SRD

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