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Semitool Part Number

MEI Part Numbers


116R0002 470-000330 Bowl Seal SST 280/70 Gumlast For SST( Gumlast Seal which is Kalrez Equivalent)
70887-03 420-000100 Weldmont Drain Seal
62730-01 410-000250 Vibration Dampener
123S0005-01 455-000003 SST Auto Door Window 270/80
13607-01 420-000096 SST Auto Door 380 Seal Outer
121S0001-01 455-000000 SST Auto Window Seal 270/80
70887-10 420-002036 SST Inner Auto Door Seal 10
70887-11 420-002037 SST Inner Auto Door Seal 11
70887-12 420-002038 SST Inner Auto Door Seal 12
573R0020-03 415-002072 Rotor Bolt
N/A 420-000104 Rotor Bolt O-Ring
70733-06 270-002018 Retainer Bar Tubing
519R0003-01 475002512 Rotor Shaft Bumper
330S0013-01 835-000001 Externally Heated Tank / Refurbished (Core Exchange Program /Repair Service)
ORNG112F12984 420-000094 Tank Lid TEF Seal O-Ring
73082 180-000273 Thermocouple
60269-17 N/A Tank Heater Side
70882-09 270-000234 Tube Shrink 6 Gal Ext HD Tank
60269-16 N/A Tank Heater Bottom
Several different part numbers N/A Auto Door Plug Refurbished(Core Exchange Program /Repair Service)
Several different part numbers N/A Motor Control LC4 Refurbished(Core Exchange Program /Repair Service)
17410-502 N/A Motor, Brushless
310C0025-503 N/A 3/8 ACT, NC, ALUM W/ TAPERED POPPET
72056-30 N/A Flowmeter Assy, Heated (Obsolete/ Inquire about Upgrade)
16767-01 N/A Sensor, Level
116S0001-01 470-000330 Bowl Seal, Teflon, Single Bolt( Gumlast Seal which is Kalrez Equivalent)
70959-01 N/A Pump Head(4-6 Wk To Rebuild/ Exchange Program)
242R0005-01 N/A Seal, Ferrofluidic Housing (Vacuum Seal upgrade priced per chamber)
121R0001-513 N/A Door Seal, Kalrez( Gumlast Seal which is Kalrez Equivalent)

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