Semitool SAT Parts

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Semitool Part Number


70886-10 Cold N2 Filter
70886-09 Hot N2 Filter
930R0002-501 1000w N2 Heater Element Long
61591-01 Mac Valve
76015 Seal Shaft
ORNG132G03600 Filter Housing O-Ring
73082 Thermocouple
73082-14 N2 Thermocouple
341U0001-501 Nozzle Chem Spray
341U0001-01 Nozzle Rinse
343C0002-501 Nozzle Retainer
ORNG232D00239 O-Ring, Nozzles
ORNG232D00364 O-Ring, Nozzles
73147-56 Power Supply 5V
73147-21 Power Supply 24V
16730-01 Tach Sensor
73080-34 Heater Immersion
310C0091-03 .111 3/8 FA Valve NC
310C0093-03 .111 3/8 FA Valve NO
310U0001-01 Drain Valve NO
310U0002-01 Drain Valve NC
310C0063-503 Centurium Valve NO
310C0062-505 Centurium Valve NC
73108-01 Level Sensor NC
73018 Level Sensor NO
70887-10 Furon Seal
70887-11 Furon Seal
70887-12 Furon Seal
ORNG082E05487 O-Ring Seal Window
ORNG135G12600 O-Ring Door 280 Chamber
ORNG012F08038 O-Ring
72056-200 Flowmeter 3.65 GPM
70961-08 DI Flow switch
319C0091-05 Seat Threaded Drain Block
17410-01 Motor
60710-01 Automation
73008-01 SSR
60653 SSR
253R0022-01 RSP
70861-01 Dwyer Exhaust Switch
60518 VGA Splitter
14889-01 Analog Board
73123-02 Heater Contactor
70958-03 Dual Door Switch Module
73305-10 Door Sensor
70905 Regulator Air
70905-01 Regulator N2
70904-01 0-100 Gauge
70904-02 0-60 Gauge
70907-01 3-50 Pressure Relief Valve
70907-02 50-150 Pressure Relief Valve
61510-01 Regulator Adjustable SS
T61510-02 Regulator Adjustable SS 01-100
73087-01 Relay 24VDC 14 Pin
73087 Relay 24VDC 8 Pin

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