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MEI Wet Processing SRDs - Customer Choice WorldwideSuperior performance has made MEI Wet Processing’s Compass Spin Rinse Dryer the choice of customers worldwide. Born out of the need to replace obsolete technology, the Compass SRD embodies a modern approach, with real capabilities for Process Engineers.

With Particle performance far exceeding industry standards, averaging 6 adders at <.2µ and particle neutral in many cases, MEI Wet Processing SRDs are available in three models:

With our Try Before You Buy option, we will run YOUR wafers in our lab to demonstrate how well the Compass SRD can rinse and dry with the least amount of particles. We can also demonstrate how your wafers see very little or no vibration during the rinse and dry process. Very smooth ramping and braking of the motor when changing RPM’s is made possible with our brushless DC motor design & vibration dampening technology.

Significant N2 Savings and reduced facilities cost are also achieved with the MEI Wet Processing Compass SRD. Other manufacturer’s removal process of N2 jeopardizes chamber cleanliness. MEI Wet Processing’s design does not put your SRD chamber at risk of particle contamination since the system always has negative pressure on the chamber to keep particles from entering the chamber.

MEI Wet Processing’s proprietary IDX Software included on the Compass SRD has been installed in over 400 pieces of wet process equipment. Why try unproven technology when MEI’s IDX Software features are proven and used in fabs worldwide.

MEI Wet Processing Compass SRD with IDX Software offers these features:

  • Programmable heaters

  • Temperature monitoring

  • Anti-stat

  • Lot tracking / Resistivity Data Logging

  • Host communications

  • Secs/Gem

  • Barcode reader

  • Flexview advanced process control software

MEI Wet Processing has over 100 years of combined experience, award-winning service & support. For more information contact MEI Wet Processing today at (541) 704-2424, or email

About MEI Wet Processing, LLC

MEI Wet Processing Systems and Services LLC of Albany, Oregon, is a wet processing equipment and services company serving the Semiconductor, MEMs, Solar, and high technology industries. MEI's specialties include patented solutions for wet processing applications, including Metal Lift-off, Advanced Wafer Etching, Wafer Stripping, and Wafer Cleaning solutions. Exceptional process control is provided through MEI's proprietary IDX Flexware Process Control Software. Providing award-winning service and support since 1990, MEI has a commitment to outstanding customer service and it's products. MEI Wet Processing has sales offices in the United States, Europe, China, Asia, and the Middle-East. For more information, please visit  



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