Spray Solvent Tool Refurbishment for the UK

February 2017 –Albany Oregon – MEI Wet Process Systems and Services

MEI has another successful installation of two premium remanufactured freestanding spray solvent tools at a data storage manufacturer in the United Kingdom in Q4 of 2016. MEI did a tool swap for the customer to eliminate the down time for the customer’s production line. The remanufactured SST’s replaced their outdated SST’s in their fab without having to do new facilities saving time and money.

The SST’s were remanufactured to MEI’s Premium remanufactured specs:

During the remanufacturing process the outdated Semitool electronics in this tool built
in late 1980’s is upgraded to use MEI’s software IDX Flexware.MEI Spray Solvent Tool Semitool SST

 HMI and I/O Controller Upgrade includes:
  • The outdated proprietary I/O Controller and GUI is replaced with a highly robust PLC and the reliable IDX Flexware Process Control Software that is installed on more than 400 wet processing machines worldwide
  • Data logging
  • SECS/GEM Host Capabilities
  • Programmable password secured access-levels
  • USB-interface for data-backup
  • Replaces OEM display with a new and more intuitivecolor touchscreen
  • Robust, production-ready Windows®-based PC
  • Direct Drive Motor and Control with Encoder for Tachometer
  • Capacitive Level Sensors
  • New Analog Flowmeters
  • Digital Exhaust Sensors

The Chambers and Tanks were reconditioned, Electro-polished and rebuilt with new seals and orings. The Fluid flow path is replaced with new valve manifolds, filter housings, flare tek fittings, nozzles and PFA tubing. Our Goal is to provide our customers with a tool that will be easy to support. The SST’s are rebuilt with many of the components that can be bought off the shelf from worldwide distributors. (No more relying on single source for spare parts)

MEI’s remanufacturing process adds another 20 years of life to the tool with upgrading the critical components to modern technology that can be supported and gives the customer more capabilities to monitor and control the process performance of their tool.

Batch Spray Refurbishment Brochure - MEI Spray Solvent Tool Semitool SST

SST Refurbishment Features Video - MEI Spray Solvent Tool Semitool SST Video


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