In the true start-up tradition

In June 1990, Bruce and Julie Marler opened B&J Fabrication, in Albany, Oregon, fabricating metal products for OEMs. In 1998 they changed the company’s name to Marler Enterprises, Inc. (MEI).

MEI grew quickly via acquisition. Recruiting key personnel from Phoenix Process Automation and Verteq aided the company in manufacturing semiconductor fabrication equipment and related devices, including wet process systems. MEI rounded out its wet processing capabilities by acquiring IDX Robotics, Inc. in 2005.  The robotics software has enabled automation and control in all of MEI’s wet process equipment, wet benches, and chemical delivery systems and in MEI’s upgrades of used wet process equipment and spin rinse dryers.

In 2004, the company was renamed MEI, LLC, to enable further growth.

The Semiconductor Equipment & Services continue to grow briskly with the introduction of new equipment platforms, including:

  • Evolution automated linear wet processing equipment platform
  • Revolution rotary wet station platform
  • FlexChem, MultiChem, and BottleChem chemical delivery, mixing and spiking system platforms
  • Solar Wafer Cleaning Systems
  • Remanufactured Spray Acid and Solvent Tools
  • New Compass SST
  • New Compass SRD
  • Gasonics Ashers

With one eye always toward the future, MEI continues to seek opportunities that fit these strategic areas, including acquisitions that complement its core competencies and regional requirements. MEI will enjoy continued growth nationwide and worldwide.